Tim Bennett-Huxtable Highlight Reel

Tim Bennett-Huxtable Drama Reel 2018

Tim Bennett-Huxtable Comedy Reel 2018

Tim Bennett-Huxtable Comedy Reel 2016

Tim Bennett-Huxtable Dramatical Actoring Reel 2016

Tim Bennett Huxtable Reel 2015

Featuring clips from Tour of Doody (dir. Troy Miller), Lessons (dir. James Sunshine), Satan's Roast (dir. Jim Bruce), Attack of the Devil (dir. Lon Strickland), Infinite Plaster (dir. Florent Terrieux) and Roadies (dir. Gregg Kavet). Cover photo from Circus of the Undead (2010)

Tim Bennett-Huxtable Acting Reel 2014

Tim Bennett-Huxtable - Sketch Comedy Reel

A compilation of my best sketch comedy, improvisation and hidden camera moments.

TEMPS Official Trailer (2016)

The official trailer for Temps, the romantic comedy feature I wrote. Directed by Ryan Sage.

Tour of Doody

A comedy pilot I co-wrote featuring shock rock  band Van Stone. I play Hawk. Directed by Troy Miller.

Walking Against the Wind

Award winning short film I wrote. Directed by Gulliver Moore.

Hello Junkie (2000)

The awardwinning 35mm short film I co-wrote.

Berny- Short Film By Mark Wilson

An awardwinning short film by Mark Wilson, featuring me, Sam Fisher and Beth Alspaugh.

Spencer Bonds - Not To Touch The Earth (Official Music Video)

Cowards - "Beer Pong/Ol' Chip Eyes" - Sitcom (2014)

A scene from a TV pilot directed by Daniel J. Clark and written by Megan Maile Green, Chris Stephens, Joe Kwaczala and Joe McAdam.

The Super Guys - Silent Film - Comedy - Super 8 - Phoenix, AZ (1986)

I play superhero Chickenhat.

Tim Bennett-Huxtable VO Reel 2016